I’ve Got Peace Like a River

I’ve got peace like a river
I wake from a deep dream
Of fast flowing rivers
Water that has cradled
My sleeping body
Rivers move swiftly as my blood
Brazos, Red, Ouachita, White
Leaning against your warmth
Waking from the dream, floating

I’ve got love like an ocean
It was one of your first loves
The Atlantic and the North Carolina shore
A small boys wonder and awe
Driving all night with your buddies
To see the sun rise on the water
Before turning to drive back home
Is it true the oceans salinity
Is the same as our tears

I’ve got joy like a fountain
Rising up in the morning
A fountain of joy at your touch
Taste of salt and roar of waves
Waters rise and fall
Tidal and estuary
Oceans lakes streams creeks
Moving through our lives
Leaving peace like a river

*** this is written for DVerse Poetics tonight with the prompt ‘truce/armistice/making peace/still battling poem’. Couldn’t bring myself to write anything but a love poem. The words in italics are from an old hymn- I’ve Got Peace Like a River.

12 thoughts on “I’ve Got Peace Like a River

  1. smiles…i know that old hymn….and wonderful expansion on it…love poems work for me for sure…joy at your touch
    Taste of salt and roar of waves…love that line…and love your play with water as well…and all the movement…

    great to see you poet…smiles.

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