Preparing the Way

Preparing the Way

I remind myself to pay attention
Should the stones choose to shout out
Or the mountains bow down.
Just in case a triad of angels
Drop by the house for a visit
I keep the sacrament of hospitality prepared.
My eyes are open
Should I need to clothe the naked
Or feed the hungry
Or maybe have occasion to do justice
Or show mercy.
Shaking myself to stay awake,
I have my eyes peeled
For the bridegroom.
Reminding myself
To keep alert
Ready to hear that whisper
Loud as a thunderclap
‘Be still’

*** This a poem for Advent, a few weeks early, I know. But as I am preparing for the holidays, it reminded me to keep prepared in other ways. Things I should be prepared to do each and every day – feed the hungry, clothe the naked, be just, merciful, hospitable. Should you be so inclined, these are the Biblical references: Luke 19:40, Habakkuk 3:6, Hebrews 13:2, Micah 6:8, Isaiah 58:7, Matthew 25, Psalm 46:10

12 thoughts on “Preparing the Way

  1. (sorry, I didn’t see my comment appear, so I am trying again)

    Lovely — my poem today was a moment awakening to remind me to receive kindness and give it.
    The sacrament of hospitality and the sacrament of presence are so important.
    These are taught in all traditions sacred and secular alike — yet we all forget, sacred and secular folks alike and always need to remind each other.

    Your reminding poem is superb!! Thank you

  2. smiles…we do not know the time of the coming, but we should be aware…and aware of the daily opportunities we have to love his creations…through hospitality or even some days just a needed word….love your heart in this…

  3. so good to remind ourselves to think of others with an open mind and open eyes…we forget it all too easily in the daily grind of life.. love the seeing the bridegroom..makes it all so much easier when we see what he’s done and how he treated the people

  4. To keep alert, and prepared… each moment, each day. Beautiful…as well as the verses you refer to. To feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to show love. Stunning last verses in this poem…”ready to hear that whisper, loud as a thunderclap”… “be still”… the unity of opposites and paradoxes. Wonderful, beautiful, astounding.

  5. These are great thoughts for the everyday, although Advent’s not very far away anymore!

    I’m glad to see you back (I got your comment the other day but haven’t responded yet). I hope all went well with the travels and the family. How is your brother doing?

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