Tiny Poems, Haiku and Such

May 17, 2018

birdsong steals across the threshold
winging into my kitchen
bringing with it the sun
and a grace filled May morning

morning on the cove:
a sweep of light
drifts down to the water
wild daisies in bloom

April 15, 2018

morning on the cove:
almost invisible
falling snow
rising heron

April 14, 2018

morning on the cove:
shifting shadows play across the water
catching light, silvered and sparkling
the warbling song of the wren

April 13, 2018

morning on the cove:
water the color of tarnished silver
distant thunder
and the call of a loon


clouds build from the east
a changeable sky
winds shift uneasily
as thunder sounds
storm warning

April 12, 2018

morning on the cove:
wild wings and song
rise from the water
geese set course
on the northern star
trilling song forms the shape of frog
silvered and slick
in the bright singing water

April 11, 2018

morning on the cove:
soft light against the quiet water
hushed voices of fishermen
mingle with birdsong
catch and release

October 11, 2017

sensing his unease
I cover the little dog
with my pale blue shawl

lets go look at the night
and I dance to the tune of our marriage
and his love
harvest moon

I try to still
my mind and spirit
longing for that solid core
of silence

manic squirrels rush across the morning woods
sending the small dog into a frenzy
from tree to tree
scouring the sky with his inquisition

along the morning path
soft thuds
muffled by the gathering leaves
black walnuts fall to the rain softened ground

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