sea dreams

bob boat 3 2016

The breeze, cool and fresh, rises from the cove
spilling across the summer meadow
bringing with it the fragrance
of sweet peas and wild roses.

The morning clouds break opening
to the soon to be sweltering sky-
I watch sunlight sparkle on the placid cove
and dream of the sounds of the ocean.

Even this mornings poem
in my inbox
speaks of the splashing foam and
the sound of crashing waves
white sails in the wind
and salt spray against the skin.

So I dress in the colors of sea and sand,
sparkling gulf stream blue, sail white,
glittering gold, pale seaglass green,
and take my dreams along the Ozark ridge
as I walk the small dog
by the placid waters of the cove
under the soon to be sweltering sky.

the cries of gulls


The scent of sun is in your hair
with the salt smell from the waves
crashing onto the shore.

Waters sparkles in sunglints
and bursts into flame in the clear blue
sky of your eyes.
Heat rises with the day
light and sun glow on your skin.
Above us, the gulls call to the sea
and the wild sound of surf pounds
in my breast.

Startled, I wake from a dream of the ocean
to cries of gulls wheeling in the icy air
and the chill of winter in your eyes.

I’ve Got Peace Like a River

I’ve got peace like a river
I wake from a deep dream
Of fast flowing rivers
Water that has cradled
My sleeping body
Rivers move swiftly as my blood
Brazos, Red, Ouachita, White
Leaning against your warmth
Waking from the dream, floating

I’ve got love like an ocean
It was one of your first loves
The Atlantic and the North Carolina shore
A small boys wonder and awe
Driving all night with your buddies
To see the sun rise on the water
Before turning to drive back home
Is it true the oceans salinity
Is the same as our tears

I’ve got joy like a fountain
Rising up in the morning
A fountain of joy at your touch
Taste of salt and roar of waves
Waters rise and fall
Tidal and estuary
Oceans lakes streams creeks
Moving through our lives
Leaving peace like a river

*** this is written for DVerse Poetics tonight with the prompt ‘truce/armistice/making peace/still battling poem’. Couldn’t bring myself to write anything but a love poem. The words in italics are from an old hymn- I’ve Got Peace Like a River.