Glimpses of the Past Week

the dawning sun across the horizon as we speed along the rice fields of eastern missouri
family – we have become the older generation
floral tributes at the altar – beautiful colors of roses – some as big a two open hands
men standing to bear witness to the life of their friend – his Christian faith, humor, love of family
tall percheron horse – shining black, slick as oil – waiting for the flag draped casket
a cemetery surrounded by cotton fields ready for harvest – the blue of the morning sky – the sound of bag pipes playing Amazing Grace
my husband, his brother and the men of the family in the solemn walk behind the wagon
the snap of the flags in the morning air – men standing at attention – crisp navy uniforms
beautiful children – legacy of love
early morning snowfall in the NC mountains
breathtaking beauty of Tennessee – the color of fall – the mountains and fields
from home to home to home again

6 thoughts on “Glimpses of the Past Week

  1. Beautiful….your gift of words is amazing! Proud to have you as my sister. It look me a long time to be able to read these. Thank you for putting this down in such beautiful words. It’s a picture you can feel.

  2. beautiful… and something so compelling about the way you laid this out as little snippets – I got a bit teary picturing that horse lending grace to such a solemn event

    be well, my friend

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