June evening 2 2013

The garden has gone feral,
briar and bind weed rise
over violets rampant with deep green hearts-
swords of hardy dandelions
wave in triumph.

Wild with heavy shadow and leaf,
the woods spill
across the wet summer meadow.
Late summer grasses
wave verdant and strong
as young men in springtime.

Hayfields green.
ready for third harvest-
sighs of scythes
echo across the meadow.

summer breeze

Sweet peas

The morning breeze sifts the daylight
from the trees,
bits of shadow and light
cascade in the wind-
floss and golden-
softening the edges of summer.

Wisps of silvered web
spill from the cedar boughs-
night spinning spiders weave
moonlight into morning.

Even so, the stillness belies the rotation
of summer to autumn –
the light gleams across the dappled path
all the way to fall.