Sonnet in Green

tulips 2

Sonnet in Green

Winter’s gray sky belies the inner turning,
Held solemn and slow until that one
True day, where all that is verdant deploys

Into a suddenness of green, extinguishing
that which went before. Moving vernal sun
From iced sadness to tulip petal joys,

Hearts lift with longing eyes singing
Openly, body and soul, to beckon
April blue skies. What once destroy’d,

Winter’s now past forgotten season, rejoicing
In the forgiveness of all springs, a pardon
In the resurrection of now and forever.

In the eternal newness of all green things,
We are all immortal with the rebirth of Spring

*** good grief, I have tried to write a sonnet of all things! *Smiles* K

36 thoughts on “Sonnet in Green

  1. Somehow I missed reading this post till now. But I love it, the sonnet form, and the wonderful colourful tulips. “Gray sky belies the inner turning” sums it up for me right now! But you’ve restored my hope…

  2. …the transitional changes of the closing & opening of new season here brings warmth to my heart & soul… really fascinating and carries the right of dose of emotions needed to inspire many… smiles… i enjoyed it…

  3. Sonnets are not at all easy to write, but definitely worth the effort when you get results like this K. We seem to be getting our first taste of spring here – there are some new leaves opening on the trees.

    Pedantry warning; I think both occurrences of Winters need apostrophes thus, Winter’s; the first to indicate possession, the second to indicate elision and/or possession.

    • Tony – thanks so much – and appreciate the tip – now updated with apostrophes – I’m terrible about that. We are having our first real cold snap of the season – spring is put on hold for a bit here – ahhh but sooon! Have a wonderful 1st of March! K

  4. We write many sonnets about the seasons but I doubt any two are the same…definitely a well written early springtime poem..liking the title, too;)

  5. Aha! You wrote a sonnet! Great job, Kathleen! The beauty of a Trireme Sonnet, I find, is that the rhymes are so far apart from one another, that as you read the first four tercets, you’re not really aware that there’s anything like structure going until – wham! – you’re hit with the heroic couplet and you’re suddenly aware that you’ve read (or written) a sonnet. Love the theme as well, which brings this back full circle to one of the most traditional of sonnet themes.

  6. “rejoicing in the forgiveness of all springs” — ah, I really like that. Spring IS forgiving, isn’t it? Spring looks at everything anew, carries no grudges over about the long cold winter. And yes, ‘we are all immotal in the rebirth of spring.’ At least it feels that way, doesn’t it? Spring is my favorite season….love the greening!

  7. nice…love the closing couplet….the rebirth and renewal that spring brings….also early on, a suddenness of green…nice….it is less gradual for sure the life bursting forth….i cant wait for the warmth and sun…..

  8. I wrote about spring too, smiles ~ I am eager to see tulip petal joys, and the forgiveness of springs as all things become green and new ~ If this is your first attempt with a sonnet, you did a good job with the rhyming pattern ~ Smiles ~


  9. sonnet in green..ha..nice title…From iced sadness to tulip petal joys…oh i’m so waiting for spring as well…today we got a first taste of it.. and yeah…there is this feeling of immortality in the rebirth of spring..

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