Skyship Mistress on Her Wedding Day

Silver flask in her overcoat pocket,
Raven hair tucked under her hat,
Adjusting the skyship’s lavender sprocket,
She held tight to her calico cat.
With the ships quick descent, the cat flying was sent,
Pulse pounding, she jumped to the ground.
“The one who doth tarry, shall not soon be married”
She quoteth the old bard, long renowned.
Away she went to a place where she meant
Business now and forever amen.
The parson could stand with the innocent man
But his cold heart she would finally win.

*** Ok, seriously, I have no idea where she came from – but there she is!

39 thoughts on “Skyship Mistress on Her Wedding Day

  1. An excellent bit of storytelling! As soon as I read your title, I was thinking about Final Fantasy… which made me very, very happy. You’ve got some great, detailed descriptions: “Silver flask in her overcoat pocket,” “the skyship’s lavender sprocket,” “her calico cat.” So much personality here. I’m loving the main character. Very cool.

  2. very interesting…a bit og cyberpunk flair to this…a little old, a bit sci fi…but still the age old story as well…love….ha…cool bit kathleen…it took me a minute, but it was a fun ride one the skyship

  3. love the description and detail here. The insertion of the quote really adds a different feel and definitely is effective in how it colors the piece as a whole. Nicely done. Thanks

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