just a few weeks before Spring….

spring daisy 2012

Just a few weeks before Spring….

Daylight Savings Time returns,
moving into the house
like the ladybugs appearing
from wherever they fly in the fall.
Springing ahead, we sacrifice our hour
to Spring’s equinoxal arrival.

Longer daily expressions of sun and warmth
will fill in all the gaps of autumn’s failures
and winter’s cold shoulder.
We sweep the seasonal path clean
for our long awaited friend,
her good nature
is always a welcomed interruption in our conversation,
filled with light laughter
and only the occasional threat
of violent storms.

But we forgive her all things when her skies dawn clear-
the color of bluebird wings
and a robin’s perfectly tinted egg-
joyfully raising our pale wintery faces to the warm sun
for the first kiss of sweet Spring.


tulips 2

Held solemn and slow
until that
that which went before,
moving vernal sun openly,
body and soul,
to beckon
in the forgiveness of all springs,
a pardon-
We are all immortal with the rebirth of Spring.

*** For Anna’s prompt for D’Verse, a poem of reduction from a Sonnet I wrote several years ago, taking the second line from each stanza and finishing with the final line of the original poem.

Sonnet in Green

Winter’s gray sky belies the inner turning,
Held solemn and slow until that one
True day, where all that is verdant deploys

Into a suddenness of green, extinguishing
that which went before. Moving vernal sun
From iced sadness to tulip petal joys,

Hearts lift with longing eyes singing
Openly, body and soul, to beckon
April blue skies. What once destroy’d,

Winter’s now past forgotten season, rejoicing
In the forgiveness of all springs, a pardon
In the resurrection of now and forever.

In the eternal newness of all green things,
We are all immortal with the rebirth of Spring

Snowy Morning on the Cove

feb cove with snow

snowy morning with cardinals

feb morning - dove in snow

feb morning - card in snow

We woke to the sound of sleet on the roof and wild geese flying over the house on the way to the cove.
Then the big gorgeous flakes began to fly too.

Now the cedar trees are filled with cardinals, finches and juncos. We have dove, blue jays, titmice and chickadees too. And a brown thrasher showed up at the suet feeder as well as a little downy woodpecker to share a morning treat.

It is still snowing and we will end up with 6-8 inches by the end of today. And I know everyone in the eastern US is ready to see the snow go away, but this is our first snowfall of the season and it is BEAUTIFUL!

sleet colored sky
streaked with wings
of wild geese
and clouds of bird song

Small Stones 18/2015

First spring bath after a long winter!

morning wakes
to robin song
and the rumble of earthworms
in the thawing ground

January thaw 2

We have had glorious weather the past couple of days – warm and sunny after so many that were cold and gray.

Now I know that we have a long way to go before we see the last of winters many charms (!) but we revel in the warmth and do chores that had been left to wait until weekends just like this.

So spring will come and with this little respite, we are ready, come what may!

The January Thaw – Ten Word Poems

jan morning 2015

her cheeks blushing
as the sky reflects her beauty

old oaks mutter
dreaming april dreams
warm winters day

scent of damp, leaf mold
and earthworms-
the january thaw

from the gray morning cove
mists rise
on heron wings

with warm wings and song
clouds of small sparrows

the bare boned willows
fill their branches
with sparrows

pale moon
slips into the light
of the morning sky