February Morning Snow in the Ozarks

Feb morning snow
The view from our dining room window this morning.

Feb morning snow on the ridge

On the ridge, heading to work.

Feb morning snow 2

Feb morning snow 3

Feb morning snow - wild turkey

Fellow commuters.

Feb morning snow wild turkey 2

I know so many of you, Dear Readers, have had all this white stuff you can stand this year. But this is really our first nice snow in several years. It is the heavy, wet, fluffy kind of snow that covers everything so beautifully – makes the ridges and hollows a winter fairie land. And it will be gone tomorrow! That is springtime in the Ozarks and just another day in the course of our seasons.


13 thoughts on “February Morning Snow in the Ozarks

  1. wow…very cool….i am either ready for spring or gimme snow like that…we got the dregs this year….just cold and wet…blah…lovely pics…are those turkeys…ot turkey vultures?

  2. I agree! This was a beautiful snow. We usually get ice or sleet, but this snow was good packing snow. My son got to make his first snowman and the neighbor kids got to build a fort. I loved it!!

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