A Letter of Apology

Dear heart
and most stalwart companion,
Deluded by my own hubris
I ignored your constancy,
living as though
no matter the season or the weather,
you would continue to work
on my behalf,
without so much as a murmur
of complaint.
I take full responsibility-
knowing that those unshed tears
of frustration and pain
poured into the frosted blue bottle,
capped tightly
with burnt cork,
tucked next to the ball of twine
thickly corded,
knotted with strands of grief
and anger
and left there-
just there-
under my breastbone,
next to my left ribs –
those things were not yours to bear.
But you did.
Until finally the damage was done.
But please know, heart of my heart,
I will no longer cause you pain-
you will be strong again,
nurtured and no longer ignored.
I will treasure your strength
and resoluteness
until my last breath
and your last beat.
Truly yours,

34 thoughts on “A Letter of Apology

  1. Great piece. I’m particularly intrigued to know how your imagination took you to the blue corked bottle? (I wrote a poem some years ago now about a blue bottle in my heart – in the shape of a fish – as it just appeared to my mind that way. I’m not sure why, but perhaps there is some common reasoning behind it).

  2. This is so well expressed… we imagine that the heart will go on for ever until we get this message (that is nver really a surprise) have been spared so far, but I’m not giving it enough thought either… a beautiful thought to start to think about the heart.

  3. dear heart… what a lovely letter to one who, more surely than any other organ or body part, more surely than any other friend, will be with us to the end – i will remember this

  4. That’s one of the things about getting older I don’t like… we just can’t assume our bodies are everlasting. Thanks for the reminder. It’s good to see you, K.

  5. you def have to guard your heart…we dont realize this when we are young and give it away haphazardly…then again we let things into our heart too…those emotions that will eat away at it if we are not ever mindful of it…this is a very honest write to me…smiles.

    • B -well, after alot of self inflicted wounds to my ticker – it is time to change my ways – so now doing what I knew all along to stay well and healthy as long as possible! Thanks Brian – so appreciate your kindness always – K

  6. Kathleen, this fine letter to the spiritual imp that oils & maintains the pump of life is sweet & tough self-love; the place where we poets must start before we reach out and share our perceptions, our dreams, our affections. A lot of ponder; thanks.

    • An appt with the cardiologist will get your attention – so my heart and I have been having heart to hearts for the past few weeks. Promises made of life style changes – and they will be kept – thanks for your kind words – K

  7. above all, watch your heart cause it’s the wellspring of life… this is what your poem reminded me of… thanks for that gentle reminder…and good that our heart has a patient nature…smiles

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