A Letter of Apology

Dear heart
and most stalwart companion,
Deluded by my own hubris
I ignored your constancy,
living as though
no matter the season or the weather,
you would continue to work
on my behalf,
without so much as a murmur
of complaint.
I take full responsibility-
knowing that those unshed tears
of frustration and pain
poured into the frosted blue bottle,
capped tightly
with burnt cork,
tucked next to the ball of twine
thickly corded,
knotted with strands of grief
and anger
and left there-
just there-
under my breastbone,
next to my left ribs –
those things were not yours to bear.
But you did.
Until finally the damage was done.
But please know, heart of my heart,
I will no longer cause you pain-
you will be strong again,
nurtured and no longer ignored.
I will treasure your strength
and resoluteness
until my last breath
and your last beat.
Truly yours,

Following the Trail of Bread Crumbs

Following the Trail of Bread Crumbs

those old bread crumbs still have the fragrance
of freshly thought thoughts
feelings not forgotten
and needs met and savored
i will choose my gathering basket
and set off to find the way back
through a forest of my own creation
or is it the forest
of circumstance
or maybe the forest
of necessity
no matter the sapling beginnings
i will follow the old trail
each marker
pointing the direction
to that self
who has wandered in the deep woods
for such a long time
i will rescue myself
and regain
it all
once again