Counting Red

It may seem that I am not doing anything -just sitting on the porch on a perfect summer’s afternoon. But I am very busy.
Busy counting red:
house finch
maraschino cherries in pink lemonade
purple finch
shoulder patches on the red winged blackbird
hummingbird throats
stripes of Old Glory
toenail polish
ski boats
angel wing begonias
swim towels
sunburned noses

See, I am very busy.

4 thoughts on “Counting Red

  1. I love your busyness!! I don’t like maraschino cherries, but I’ll be by for some pink lemonade.

    BTW – I wouldn’t accept any collect calls from Richmond if I were you. Someone has figured out by now that Mom & Dad ran away from home and didn’t come back to get him. The fact that we’re in Maine while he plays outside all day long in daycare is irrelevant. I’m just saying. . .


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