when asleep
I try to stay there
and remain in my dreams
covering ranges of mountains
and creating buildings of such beauty
I long to not wake
but remain in the world of
Freudian unconscious
or is it Jungian
well, never
the well is deep
or maybe I just dreamt that it was
surface stilled
until a pebble drops
sending waves across
ridges of gray
sparking the architect of my dreams
engineering and exploring
the craggy paths
across the amygdala
or is it just
walking in my sleep

12 thoughts on “Sleepwalking

  1. I do so love dreaming sometimes…. Even my unconscious mind knows when wakeness is approaching, and I find myself realizing that and even beg for them not to end…… Well, some of them. Others are mathematical in nature and actually require a bit of unconscious “cipherin…….” – I often wake from those more depleted than when I originally laid down. I can’t imagine what Freud would have made of such dreams, unless the math involved measuring my mother’s bustline. Thankfully that hasn’t happened yet.

  2. the unconscious world around and within us…a little sleepwalking is not too bad me thinks…used to do a lot of sleepwalking when i was a kid..kinda restless…climbed on tables and everything..the mind looks for a way to release what he cannot during the day…

  3. I am a little scared of sleep walking but I like dreaming in my own bed ~ My son was actually sleep walking and would find himself in different areas of the house in the morning ~ Nothing happened bad at night, but it was really scary to think if he would fall or slip while heavily asleep ~ Have a good week ~

  4. smiles….its good sleep walking if it is…i think maybe a little dream walking…it takes concious effort for me to put myself under or go to sleep, but once there i just drift along…had a really freaky dream earlier this week….

    • seems like a lot of people have been having vivid dreams in the past week or so – phase of the moon or getting close to the solstice? I appreciate you so very much, Brian – youre a peach,as they say – hope you and yours have a wonderful rest of the week – smiles – K

  5. I think it’s all the fresh air and exercise in Acadia National Park, but my dreams this week have been vivid and very detailed. A little too detailed for my tastes – I really don’t need to be reviewing the plots of books in my sleep!


  6. Ah yes, when I am asleep I prefer to stay there too…especially if it is a RESTFUL sleep. It is always fascinating to see where dreams lead me…or perhaps where I lead my dreams. Smiles.

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