First of the Fallen

Fall Road

Pieces of sunlight,
spark and light
thru the yellowing wood,
sending up tender tendrils
of the years decay
and decline.
Trees, wearied of deep light,
long for the rest of faint sun
and dark winters sleep.
Sap-less limbs,
bough and branch,
wind wrested bare
and leafless-
browned leaves
drift into smoke stained paths,
filling the edges of late summer
with the first of the fallen.

6 thoughts on “First of the Fallen

  1. Yes, I agree: a beautifully described scene.
    I’m always interested in how others write, especially when they write with care and feeling, as you do. I can’t help wondering therefore why you drop punctuation. It reduces clarity; but maybe you hear the poem read in a continuous stream of sound. Many others do the same, and I’m interested in the choices being made. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

    • Thank you, John, and I apologize for the tardiness of this reply. Your inquiry made me stop and think about what I am writing and how I am posting my writing. So to answer your question, as much as I hate to admit it, I am afraid it is pure laziness.
      Many times I will sketch something out and post without much thought to actually editing and finishing the poem. This is not a good practice and your thoughtful reading and interest in my process been a welcome reminder.
      I have appreciated each time you comment and I am humbled by your kind words.
      Thanks again, Kathleen

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