just a few weeks before Spring….

spring daisy 2012

Just a few weeks before Spring….

Daylight Savings Time returns,
moving into the house
like the ladybugs appearing
from wherever they fly in the fall.
Springing ahead, we sacrifice our hour
to Spring’s equinoxal arrival.

Longer daily expressions of sun and warmth
will fill in all the gaps of autumn’s failures
and winter’s cold shoulder.
We sweep the seasonal path clean
for our long awaited friend,
her good nature
is always a welcomed interruption in our conversation,
filled with light laughter
and only the occasional threat
of violent storms.

But we forgive her all things when her skies dawn clear-
the color of bluebird wings
and a robin’s perfectly tinted egg-
joyfully raising our pale wintery faces to the warm sun
for the first kiss of sweet Spring.

First of the Fallen

Fall Road

Pieces of sunlight,
spark and light
thru the yellowing wood,
sending up tender tendrils
of the years decay
and decline.
Trees, wearied of deep light,
long for the rest of faint sun
and dark winters sleep.
Sap-less limbs,
bough and branch,
wind wrested bare
and leafless-
browned leaves
drift into smoke stained paths,
filling the edges of late summer
with the first of the fallen.