Liquid Night in the Ozarks


soft light thru the dark wood-
sound of music fills the hollows-
Ozarks night at Copper Run
fast running creek –
tumbles to the tune of the Ozarks hills-
whiskey weather
liquid night in the Ozarks –
moonshine flows –
sweet as spring water

5 thoughts on “Liquid Night in the Ozarks

    • Hi Lorri – Thanks – we went to the Copper Run Distillery a couple of weeks ago – just the coolest place I have been in a while. The pic is just of our little waterfall into the pond off our front patio. Are you home from your train adventure? K

      • Yes – I’ve been back about 10 days and am settling into our lovely spring. That little creek would make for a great long exposure. I have never been to the distillery – sounds interesting.

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