The Day After the Party

I wait for the dragons to arrive
slowly stretching my legs and back
just a small movement so as not to startle
my muscles or anything else
that might be watching
the light is laconic filtered camels
drifting into smoke filled streets
littered with red paper and broken balloons
what day is it? I’m asked
the day after the party
is the reply
as the crab skitters off in its
sideways dance
leaving the oddest tracks across the sand
shadows pass over the lengthening sun
before the sound of wings are heard

*** I have no idea – really must be the cold medicine – smiles

26 thoughts on “The Day After the Party

  1. I hope you feel better ~ i must say that the opening lines caught my attention, I just didn’t know where it was heading into ~ Smiles ~

    • I must say that it is one of my favorite opening lines – smiles – isn’t it funny how sometimes words fall into a place, a space, you had no idea of just a few seconds before – the wonder of writing and imagination! Thanks, Grace – K

  2. Wonderful images on your poem, ‘after the party.’ I’m from Minnesota, so the thought for me was about the law that was just passed. Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize same sex marriage and there is a party in the streets of Minneapolis. It is a celebration of ‘everyone is created equal’ but you just know that after the party tonight, many dragons will be coming out.

  3. Your cold medicine bringing on images of sideway skidding crabs, dragons and wings…hmmm….i might try that myself. After party poem..vivid, original. 😉

  4. The day after the party is always the best time to reflect….. Especially if you wake up next to the keg with the nozzle in your hand…..! 🙂 :slurp: :slurp: Who broke my balloons, though, that’s all I’m asking, you know? Was that really necessary, I mean that’s whut I’m askin’ here….. :slurp: :slurp: Is there any of that chicken left? (Excerpts from my favorite party ever!)

  5. fascinating…magical…your flow through the elements….the dragons up front….to the wings in the end….i love the image of the crab skittering sideways…its like a side step but my eyes watched it the whole way…smiles. ha hope th cold goes away…

  6. love that the imagery is all at once connected and disjointed – just as if I were lying in a hammock with the day passing by

    feel better soon, Kathleen! spring colds are the worst!

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