Handwriting Practice

Handwriting Practice

Fluid cursive strokes
Across the parchment field
Ink black feathered fonts
Move row to row
Sharpened yellow nibs >>>
Move this way <<< and
That  >>>
Dotted by the shining curious
Words and letters
Swirl and rise
Off the page
Arial, Bodoni, Copperplate gothic
Garamond, Lucida Bright
Trebuchet, Veranda, Vivaldi
Looping and crossing
Until the sharp black commas
Punctuate the deep blue volume
San serif of crows

5 thoughts on “Handwriting Practice

  1. ooo i love the sharp black commas…and i think you went for the 3D and it works…i like the movement in this as well….very well done….

    will still send you his station….forgot last night…oops…

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