A Silly Ditty about Pumpkins

There is just something about pumpkins
cheerful and bright and sunny
with a color so warm
and a shape that is funny
I always smile when they catch my eye
sitting on a porch
or baked in a pie!

It is hard for me not to smile when I see pumpkins. I love to see the autumn displays on folks porches and in front of the local shops filled with scarecrows and hay bales and pumpkins. Harvest time in the country is still celebrated in these small ways and you know my family loves pumpkins!

arranged on the bales
a harvest of blessings
corn from the fields
apples for pressing
pumpkins for pies
October days lessen
blue skies of autumn
trees color dressing
changes in weather
winter storms guessing
we gather together
to ask the Lords blessing

2 thoughts on “A Silly Ditty about Pumpkins

  1. I love pumpkins too! And you’ll be pleased to know I’ve proposed an office pumpkin roll (we’re on quite the steep hill downtown) wherein we roll our pumpkins and then RUN like the dickens to avoid arrest. See what an influence you are? 😉

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