dusk and twilight

twilight April 2015

dusk saunters up the lane
whistling for his dog
and filling his pipe

leaning against the fence post,
he squints into the setting sun
and waits for twilight to arrive

wrapped in a mantle of early evening stars,
she skips down the lane
her steps light and lovely

tipping his hat,
dusk climbs the western ridge
trailing shadow
and wisps of smoke

as twilight fills the darkling sky
with the smiling crescent moon
and the scent of sweet honeysuckle

5 thoughts on “dusk and twilight

  1. First, it is so lovely to see you posting….and how I love that image of dusk sauntering down the lane, whistling for his dog and filling his pipe. Adorable! I can just see him! It sounds like spring is perking you up, my friend. What a gorgeous photo that is, too………..a delightful post.

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