the angel of the longest night

Angel 2

our breath mingles
creating tiny snowflakes
that rise in the north wind
delicate ice crystals
float with sparks
from the solstice fire
bright little boats on a celestial sea
rising embers sailing across the deep blue
ocean of stars
sparkling bright in the first winter night

*** Twelve Days of Angels, Day Eight

7 thoughts on “the angel of the longest night

  1. I can clearly see your metaphor as vivid mages within my mind of “Dragon Breath,” as I call it slowly drifting up toward heaven and morphing into tiny crystalline stars that twinkle with the magic of winter. Awesome poem Kathleen. 😊 I still have comments to leave for Angels six and seven, but I’ve been battling a stomach virus the last several days. I also received my copy of Penelope’s letter to her husband and I’ve read about half already and I’m thoroughly delighted with each poem I’ve read so far! You have mad skills my friend…. Seriously. I’ll send you an email with more detailed comments a little later. I do love this poetry book! I can’t wait to purchase your other poetry book!

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