The Last Really Good Shack 13

At the top of the steep stairs, there is a odd landing that connects the three rooms. Immediately at the top of the stairs is a small room created when the kitchen was added to the house. This room was used for storage until we added the bathroom.
The ceilings are low on this floor – maybe 7.5 feet – and the bedrooms on either side of the stairs have the pitched walls of the shape of the roof beginning about 4 ft from the floor. These are spacious rooms, don’t let me give you the impression otherwise. And there are narrow windows on the front and side walls. These windows are small and because they are low on the wall, we never added trim or curtains – it would have looked odd. I found honeycomb blinds that fit like a glove and they were never ornamented with anything else.
The floors are wood – pine planks – I’m sure original to these rooms. The north  room’s floors had at one time been painted a blue gray and the south room’s floors had been painted a dark brown. The paint was worn from the years of many feet! Bob rented a belt floor sander and took all the high spots out. What paint that remained was very attractive and gave these rooms their color schemes. We put 3 coats of poly – satin, not gloss – and the floors were perfection!
The north room became our spring and summer bedroom. We put a small air conditioner in the side window – an absolute necessity in the hot and humid Ozark summers! We painted all the walls in the house a creamy white, but I added pale gray blue accessories and bedding. It was such a fresh and inviting room.
The south room was the autumn and winter bedroom.  And until we bought another queen bed, I would actually move our bed back and forth twice a year!
This room with its dark floor and white walls was treated to a color scheme of forest green and golden brown. So warm and restful on those long winters nights. Since this room was above the living room, the heat from the wood stove would keep the floor warm and toasty.
We added family furniture and bits and pieces that we had collected over the years. The pictures and paintings on the walls added whimsy to the old house.
In these rooms, we heard the owl calls and the baying of hounds. We listened to the wind and the thunder roll down the ridge. The spring peepers told us of the return of spring and the cicadas would lull us to sleep in the summer.
These rooms held our dreams waking and sleeping.

To be continued……

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