A Visit to the Mountains

Our Rocky Mountain visit was relaxing and joyous, having attended the wedding of one of our beloved children, Ben Reed, and his lovely bride, Brandy. What it was not – it was not cool and it was not beautiful. We couldn’t see the Front Range at all most of the week because of the smoke from the wildfires. It was so dry that it was painful to see.
We hope that the fires can be contained without more loss of life and property – and we keep all those affected in our prayers.

A few observations from the week:

the Rockies outlined in haze-
only an impression of their majesty –
hidden in a veil of smoke

breakfast on the terrace-
a whiff of smoke in the wind –
Colorado wildfires

snow capped peaks-
gray veil obscures the view –

And on a happier note: this is a photo of my dear friend, Sharon, and her son, Ben, dancing at his wedding.

glorious starlit night filled with guests-
a son has married –
his mothers pride and joy

beautiful faces shining with love –
bright as copper pennies-
wedding day

Many congratulations to the beautiful couple. May their years together be filled with joy!