Parable of the Vine

Wild grapes in the Ozarks

Parable of the Vine

Is it Aesop’s fable about fox and grapes
Or an obscure parable from another sage-
The fox, red and handsome,
The grapes, rich and purple,
And the vine?
Maybe the vines the story-
The twisted shape rising to the highest point,
Looking out over ridge to ridge
To the world.
Maybe the  fabled fox is clever
And the grapes  tempting
And the vine always moving to make its way.
A fable of twists and turns,
A fox in the henhouse,
The wine and sour grapes.
And the vine.
See it comes back to the vine.
The parable is distorted,
We are drunk and outfoxed,
Left twisting and turning on the vine.