I want to tell you about my little brother

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I want to tell you about my little brother.

I remember the day he was born. Its one of my earliest memories – I was three years old.
You see I was an infant when my brother Johnny was born, so there is no memory before him. But Frank – I remember.
My Daddy came to pick us up at the neighbors. I still remember the deep sunset colors in the sky and the smell of carnations that were growing along the walk. And Daddy told me I had a baby brother. It was like he was giving me a gift, a complete surprise. I fell in love with him from the moment I saw him. And he is still the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

He was a funny little fellow. Johnny and I learned pretty quickly that when we were all in trouble to kind of push Frank forward because he would make a silly face or do something goofy and Mom and Dad couldn’t help but laugh.

He was a rough and tumble kid. Mom would tell the story that she would have us all shiny and clean and ready to go to church. And somehow from the door of the house to the car, Frank’s shirt tail would be out, his socks fallen down, shoes were untied and he would have dirt on his face.

He struggled in school. This was before we knew what dyslexia was and it was especially hard because his brother was brilliant and his sister smart and we loved to read and learn. But he was cute and athletic and always good for a laugh or an adventure.

He could be a pain in the ass too like all little brothers. I remember one car trip from our home in Lubbock Texas to our grandparents in Crossett Arkansas – Frank had somehow learned all the words to Que Sera Sera by Doris Day (don’t ask me how or why) And he sang it all the way across Texas and Arkansas. We were all close to tossing him out the car window.

He was handsome and fun and played sports in school. He was very popular and one spring was asked to 6 proms. Dad said he was going to have to take out a loan for tux rentals and florists.

After high school, he tried to figure out his way. Ended up with different jobs and then started doing carpentry work.

After his first marriage ended, he went thru a dark time and we thought we had lost him.

Then, he gave his life to Jesus and his heart to Janet at about the same time. Mom always said that Jesus and Janet gave her son back to her and she was pretty sure it was mostly Janet.
This began his journey that changed his life.

All his life he wanted to become a good man – He wanted to be those things he loved best about his dad. A family man, a man that loved his wife, a man that adored his children. A man that had a sparkle in his eye and could command the room with his laugh.

These past 6 years, he became deeper and wiser and more loving.
He was a good man.

And I am so proud of him and love him and will miss him the rest of my life.

And there is one thing I know – love is everything – love is what we are called to do and love is the beginning with no end.

He was my baby brother. He was a good man.

Trying to Save My Brother’s Life

This is a picture of my brother. Frank Gresham, and his wife, Janet. He is the youngest of my two brothers – my baby brother. And he is fighting cancer – a bone cancer – multiple myeloma.
First and foremost, I ask for your prayers. No matter your spiritual leanings, I would appreciate your prayers for his healing – good thoughts and positive vibrations – I ask for them all on his behalf.

My brother is director of Whosoever Ministries – http://www.jcdaytona.org – in Daytona Beach FL, and has with Janet and his team, dedicated the past 25 + years to helping people. He has helped untold numbers of runaways, people on the fringes, people in need day to day and after disasters. He was one of the first people on the ground in Gulfport MS after Hurricane Katrina and was instrumental in helping organize food and medical relief. Then he went directly to New Orleans, and stayed for 6 weeks, helping in the relief effort. He and his team were in Haiti just days after the earthquake, securing the grounds of an orphanage and setting up food and clothing relief.
His life has been one of faith and service. And now he has this horrible cancer and no insurance. He has been turned down for social security disability and is in the midst of applying for Medicaid.

So I will be setting up an online auction soon – all proceed to go towards his medical costs. I will keep you posted on that.

The small thing I can do right now is give to him whatever I make on the sale of my book. If you are so moved to order a copy, I can not tell you how much that means to me. And I am sending you my deepest thanks and a big hug. Please go to the category Seasons Bookshop  to order.

If you have an ideas about how to help with applying and receiving health benefits or if you have any ideas about fundraising, please let me know.

And your prayers and encouragement are grateful accepted.

Thank you so very very much.