Farewell to 2012 and Forward to 2013!

Florida Sunrise

The list of things endured in 2012 is too long and sad. So lets detail the wonderful and beautiful memories of the past 12 months.

Our beautiful Sarah earned her PHD in Chemistry from Washington University in St Louis, went to work for ExxonMobil in Houston and she and her husband, Kevin, have just moved into their new house!
We were thrilled to be a witness to the touching and beautiful wedding of Ben and Brandy Reed in Colorado, where the bride’s colors were pink, pink and glitter! They are both teachers in the Denver area and a strong and happy couple. We rejoice in their happiness.
Our beautiful Bethany, my brothers oldest daughter, married her beloved Dave Manning in Daytona Beach, FL in September. And what a gorgeous bride and handsome groom! Our family celebrated in style at a gorgeous peacock inspired reception on a breathtaking evening. We are so proud of the happy couple and rejoice in their happiness too.
We reconnected with our beloved nephew, Joshua Bodwell. He has grown into a charming and talented man. We are so proud of him and so grateful to have had a chance to visit with him in September.
Many in our family found new jobs this past year and are happily settling into those new routines.
My mom has had a stretch of good health this fall and winter. And enjoyed seeing her family all at the Thanksgiving table together.
My brother, Frank, has continued to improve and respond well to his chemotherapy, with high hopes that his numbers will soon prove that he is in remission.
Bob bought a new truck this fall of which he is mighty proud!
And he and I celebrated 31 years of marriage this summer. An accomplishment and no small feat!

I have continued to write and have published posts often in the year. Some I have been happy with and a few I have been really happy with. And on a couple of occasions, they were as close to being what I meant to say as I could possibly get – and those I am very proud of.
I have met astonishing people through this odd medium of communication. I have made friends and been held and supported during those times when I needed to be propped up. I have seen photographs of places I have never been and would have never visited except through the wonderful talented people who take the time and effort to post their unbelievably creative work on their blogs. I have read beautiful work, essays and poems, that have knocked me out of my chair and my complacency, have brought me to tears and laughter, and moved me to reach higher and farther in my own little way.

So these lights have led me to the years end. I will not turn and look over my shoulder, for I know I would turn to salt. Time to move forward, with thanks and hopes for a better day.
Happy New Year! Here’s to 2013!

A Little More Indulging in Love Poems

Are you tired of love poems yet? I hope not! And I hope you will allow me to indulge one more day! Our wedding took place on Saturday, August 8, 1981 at 2:00pm.
A good day and a good life! Here’s to love in all its decades!

Love Poems’

Your arms are a harbor
Your heartbeat
An unbroken beam of light
Searching the darkness
Calling me home from the sea.

You, the most perfect soul,
Home in the body
I love.

I soak you up
My pores inhale you
My breath is yours
My heart beats your name.

I know that life is short
And relationships are fleeting
Even the longest just a slip of time
But I will be yours forever
Until the end of every
And the beginning of all.

Kathleen G. Everett – The Course of Our Seasons 2011

Indulging in More Love Poems

A new poem for the week of our 31st anniversary. Here’s to marriages- old and new!

The Geology of Marriage

Our eons hidden under the topography
geography of the day to day
years compressed into striations
of lives lived
The igneous layer of crystallized need
eroded  and reformed
creating the colorful promontories
etched by the wind
hieroglyphic memories
painted in the exposed rock
In the sedimentary layer
where old fossils
of hurts and frustrations
are buried
Bones of contention
Waiting to be re-formed
to make the arguments
whole again.
Digging to the metamorphic  core
where we were changed
by the fire
of our first passion
The center
the magma
the heat
where we return
to be changed
and changed
and changed again

More Indulging in Love Poems

This first poem was written a few months ago. It had a good response so I hope you will indulge me as I re-post and share it again. The second was written and posted just a few days ago. They seem to fit together.

Here’s to marriages, old and new!

The Choice

Counting back to that first glance, seconds and minutes,
hours and years, the desire and candor of bodies,
when  our days  became charged with the pace of lives lived.
Years of longing renounce the yearning to another,
no longer young. The clamor of  middle years
leaves  satisfaction and knowledge in its place,
a quietness whose heft outweighs the struggles.
Wisdom is as wisdom does, patience is its own reward,
love never fails, never. And this is the choice,
made and kept, to choose you now and at each sunrise.
Until the day comes that my hand is not recognizable to you
And  my laughter is silenced by your unknowing eyes.

— Kathleen G. Everett © 2012

Tempus Fuget

Translating the ancient language of our long marriage-
Our vocabulary of years, memory and choices:
Love as verb
Cor ad cor loquitur…Heart speaks to heart
Love as noun
Amor vencet omnia…Love conquers all
But in the diagramming of that sentence is the lie-
Time, not love, is the conqueror
And our end is closer than our beginning.
Eheu fugaces labuntur anni
Alas the fleeting years slip by
In ictu oculi
In the blink of an eye….
Tempus fuget
Time flies.

Still Indulging in Love Poems

Here are a couple more poems about and for my husband. The first was written after I decided I would not make a good spider ( I made a mess of a patch!) And the second is a Valentine written to Bob many years ago.  I hope they make you smile.
Here’s to love in all its forms!


Weaving warp to weft
Bringing filament
Through each line
Of screen.
Needle with
Transparent thread
Forming a web
Of irregular pattern.
A modern day Arachne
Patching the window screen
Torn when her husband
Forgot his key.

Kathleen G. Everett, The Course of Our Seasons 2011

The Kitchen Song

She loves him sweet and tender
She loves him with pies and cake
She loves him with buttery little biscuits
The kind she likes to bake.

She loves him good and hearty
She loves him with beef stew
She loves him with ribs and goulash
And rich bowls of thick burgoo.

She loves him hot and spicy
She loves him with red cayenne
She loves him with jalapeno peppers
And secret recipes from the Yucatan.

She loves him dark and steamy
She loves him with coffee and cream
She loves him with Earl Grey and Oolong
And toddies spiked with Jim Beam.

She loves him in so many ways
She loves him the best she can
She loves him sweet and good and hot,
Her sweet talkin’ everlovin’ man.

Kathleen G. Everett. The Course of Our Seasons 2011

Indulging in Love Poems

I hope you will forgive me for posting a few poems for and about my husband in the next several days. We are celebrating our 31st wedding anniversay on the 8th, so no better time than now to indulge in love poems.  Here’s to marriages, old and new!

Birds in the Sky

I dream of your kisses
And birds in the sky
And God.

I dream of your breath
And houses that are mine
And places I’ve never lived.

I dream of your mouth
And the sea salt smell of the ocean
And the taste of honey.

I dream of your hands
And the life that I live
And the feel of the earth.

I dream of your kisses
And the birds in the sky.

– Kathleen G. Everett, The Course of Our Seasons 2011