the beginning of farewell


For so many years,
loving this land
of steep rocky ridges
and deep green ferned hollows,
the longing now
is for the salt drenched air
of the ocean
and tidal time.

I am leaving you,
your rivers/deep green
crimson leaf/sunset.
I am almost gone
bitter wind/ice

Slowly I untangle my heart
from this place,
making room
for the sea
and sky.

bob boat 3 2016


Cleaning out closets and desk drawers,
memories piled deep on the floor,
boxes of paper
are brought to the fire
with the satisfaction of flame
burning away years
of struggle.

Rising from the ash
a new idea

of self
of future
of now.

Beloved children, coming to terms with change
with tears and unnamed presumptions
then tentatively beginning
to ask
the right questions.

I release the past

and present my heart
with a new sign –