reflections on a quiet morning

Concentric rings 2

From the quiet cove,
the sound of a fish
leaping from the waters surface-
the ripples unfurl
across the reflection of clouds.

Dark green ripples
spill onto the rocky shore –
the consequence
of unseen movement
the theory of waters longing.

Light chooses its balance
and its path,
from the clouded sun,
from the illusion of water.

willow witchin’

January thaw 2

Willow calls to water,
everyone knows that,
deep water, clear water
sweet water, bright water.
I’m going to cut me two willow branches,
rub them till they’re smooth,
smooth as silky water,
gentle water, quick water.
I’m going to take my willow branches
and wander across the land,
divining that water,
dark water, singing water.
I’ll watch my willow wands bow down
as the vapors rise,
the water vapors from the deep water,
rich water, singing water.
I will feel the emanations
of the clever water, fierce water,
call to my willow,
my smooth willow, strong willow.
I will call to the water
with those willow wands
and we will sing the waters song,
me and my willow.