hill & hollow
They’ve gone lost children in the woods the trailing bread crumbs flown away with the crows no ravens to guide or chide to hurry home to go on down the road a bit twisted and turned lost lost lost and no where to hide a trees of forest a forest of trees where did they go and why oh why cant they be found
Tears have dried behind my eyes and left nothing but this stone in my throat choking off the words no words none they are lost wandering the desert for what seem forty years dusty and swollen my lips are parched for the want of words why oh why can’t I find them they have vanished in the fog of war or disaster or day to day to day to day to day in the forest the dark woods of nothing no words they are lost why oh why can’t I find them lost lost lost


September 11

September 11th

How do I explain the rupture
between Then and Now.
When no Safe was Unsafe
and a September morning wasn’t filled with
Cremains and loose paper,
when only Bird Wings fluttered in the blue sky.
How do I tell you of the Fear and Grief,
Personal and Communal,
of people spirited away in dust falling from the sky
mixing with Tears that streaked on all our faces.

I wish I could explain how
our Country’s shifted Foundation
was filled with that Ash and then with desert Sand.
How we were all struck mute
as Doves became hawkish
and Hawks became harsh Patriots.
We all averted our eyes and covered our ears
as Rendition and Enhanced Interrogation
and Warrantless Wiretaps
were wrapped in Patriotic bunting.

I wish I could understand how the new normal
is now just NORMAL –
the shoeless shuffle in airports,
the suspicion of brown skin,
the lilting accents that are now ominous.
And how that September morning,
‘The War against Terror’-
(And it was our TERROR)
is now just another chapter
in high school History books,
dry as Ash and hot desert Sand.

*** A reposting from several years ago. 9/11 still brings me to tears.