at the holidays
the feasting begins in November
and lasts until that second day
of the new year

tempting treats and rich sauces
desserts, candies, breads,
gratins, casseroles, roasts
of turkey, beef and ham

each meal, an event
a fest, a ritual of love abundant,
gifts of indulgence and splendor
on china and gilt edged bowls

we thank our family and friends
nourishing those souls
with love overflowing
from heavy laden tables

Nourish our souls we pray
from Your table
set simply
with Everlasting Love.

We were walking

Angels of Childhood

We were walking with friends
behind their Minnesota farmhouse,
fields of cornstubble stretching to the winter gray horizon.

Suddenly from under our feet-
a heart stopping flash –
all feathers and noise and wings,
a vision of gold calling in alarm.
With our pulses pounding,
we watched the pheasant disappear.

We laughed at our fear
and marveled at the beauty and wonder
of what we had seen.

This must be what the shepherds felt
in a field a long time ago,
when they flushed
a covey of angels.

***This is a poem written many years ago but still one of my favorites. May you be surprised by joy and wonder during this Christmas season – K