A Crime Against Goldfish


We have a possible culprit, though I will admit the evidence is circumstantial.
Bob and I were walking to the car and I saw a great blue heron flying through our yard.
I told Bob – I bet that bird ate my fish!
No, he said, they are just hiding in the rocks. They will come out in a bit.
Now I will tell you that these are not the pampered expensive goldfish that folks put in their ponds. No, these were among 12 little fish in a $10 bag from the bait shop last summer. The other little goldfishies met their untimely deaths, not as bait, but in the filter of the pond or some leaping onto the rocks around the pond. So these were the last two goldfish, living their happy goldfish lives in our pond.

And they are GONE!

There is a rumor that the heron took them to lunch… and they haven’t been seen since.

You be the judge!

Our Resident Flock of Canadian Geese

We went down to the lake this afternoon – the temperatures are in the 30s – so we thought we would get some sun. We weren’t the only ones who thought it was a good idea to get out and about. We met our resident flock of canadian geese swimming on the cove.

We see this flock floating in the water throughout the year. In the early spring, they will walk up from the cove to feed in our yard. Once the babies hatch in the early summer, we are treated to the parade of goslings – proud parents showing off their offspring.

Then in the fall, when the huge flocks of geese come into the lake on their way south, our geese welcome their visiting cousins. Theres a whole lot of honking going on, morning and evening.

Its wonderful to share our lives with these beautiful creatures in the course of our seasons.


Sunrise in February

A beautiful sunrise on our little cove on Table Rock Lake in the Missouri Ozarks! The view from my window is a source of constant fascination for me. The changing colors and landscapes from each minute and hour, day and month, call my attention to the infinite variations of our world and my little bit of a tiny portion of it.

I hope that your little slice of our great big world gives you much pleasure and enjoyment.

Its all part of the course of our seasons!

The Garden in February

There is a monotony in the landscape this time of year. Its not that things aren’t happening – you can see that my daffodils are up and the foliage is bright green against the fallen leaves left from autumn. And here are tulips just breaking through. And February can have some spectacular snows. I have published pics from last year and the winter photo in the blog heading is from last February when ice covered the cove.

But this year, with the mild temperatures and the lack of any wintery precipitation, the winter views have had a sameness to them. And, truth be told, February is my least favorite month. The only saving grace is that there is always a chance of a really great snowstorm. And I love really great snowstorms!

These are pictures of my perennial garden today, with the daffodil foliage in the foreground. I love this garden, it is filled with columbines that sparkle in the spring and hostas and foxglove that cool it in the summer. I will keep you up to date on all the changes in the garden as we move through the course of our seasons.

The Cove in January

It is a bright January afternoon and the water reflects the blue of the sky. I hope that the picture shows you how really gorgeous it is today.

We went down to the waters edge. It is very windy and a little cool – but once we were out of the wind, it was very pleasant, even on the water.

We saw a heron fishing and a few fish in the shallows, so I am certain he will find a good dinner this evening!

This second picture shows a cyclone of midges. If you look closely, you will see little bits of something in the air. The sunlight is reflecting off the tiny wings of the midges.

We are already talking about the summer and having the boat out on the lake. So on this beautiful day in the course of our seasons, we are looking forward to coming seasons too.

Moon in the Morning

It is getting colder. The storm early this morning blew all our warm temperatures away – at least for a day or two. But it also cleared out the clouds and we woke to a lovely dawn.

I had hoped to get a picture of the breakfast club meeting under the birdfeeders this morning. We welcomed 4 small gray squirrels and 2 chipmunks. They were busy chasing each other away from the sunflower seeds so by the time I had my camera in hand, they had adjourned.

Instead, I took these pictures of the moon hanging above the tree limbs and the cove with the sun just topping the trees.  Another beautiful day in the course of our seasons.

Cloudy Sunday Morning at the Lake

This time of year, early winter, the weather can be changeable as springtime. We had a beautiful warm 70 degree Friday, and cooler but sunny Saturday, and today is cold and cloudy, with the smell of dampness in the air. My husband teases me that I will go out and sniff the air, like an old hound dog. And, I must confess, that I do!

Our winter has been balmy and mild so far, but I have seen Februarys turn brutal with ice and snow and frigid temps. So I know we can be happy now but the weather can turn suddenly.

Our early springs – as late as April – can be cold and snowy. I think the most snow I have ever seen fall was the middle of March. Bob and I played like children in it – making snow angels and bringing bowls full in to make snow ice cream.

The pics are from last February when the cove iced over and we had snow on the ground all month!

Rainy December Day

It’s a dreary December day. But as I drive across the ridge, I spot smoke from unseen chimneys along the ridges and in the hollows. I imagine snug homes, smelling of morning coffee and maybe even cinnamon from freshly baked buns. Maybe the lights of the Christmas tree are twinkling and packages tied with ribbons are tucked under the boughs. Perhaps a candle is brightly burning on the kitchen table, where cards from faraway friends are placed in a beautiful red bowl. With these scenes in my mind, the rainy day isn’t gloomy but another beautiful day in the course of our seasons! Hope you have a lovely one!

A Study in Gray – Table Rock Lake

It is a gray and dark morning, but there is still a calm beauty about this time of year. The landscape may appear to some to be stark, but the vista is open to more of the lake.
I really love winter and enjoy these gray days. My birdfeeder was also a study in gray, black and white this morning. It was crowded with the drabbly dressed goldfinches in their winter coats, titmice, chickadees and the elegant nuthatch. The only touch of color was the spot of red on the head of the downy woodpecker.
Another view in the course of our seasons!