Small Stones 18/2015

First spring bath after a long winter!

morning wakes
to robin song
and the rumble of earthworms
in the thawing ground

January thaw 2

We have had glorious weather the past couple of days – warm and sunny after so many that were cold and gray.

Now I know that we have a long way to go before we see the last of winters many charms (!) but we revel in the warmth and do chores that had been left to wait until weekends just like this.

So spring will come and with this little respite, we are ready, come what may!

The January Thaw – Ten Word Poems

jan morning 2015

her cheeks blushing
as the sky reflects her beauty

old oaks mutter
dreaming april dreams
warm winters day

scent of damp, leaf mold
and earthworms-
the january thaw

from the gray morning cove
mists rise
on heron wings

with warm wings and song
clouds of small sparrows

the bare boned willows
fill their branches
with sparrows

pale moon
slips into the light
of the morning sky