winters sunset 2 2015


The sycamores at sunset,
orange in their reflection,
torched with an incandescence glow.

(thoughtful trees,
pale white bark
taking on the sepia hue,
winter souls
of their spring greening,
patient of January,
April a hope away)

Listen to the earth
turn toward night
and soon,
a parliament of owls
convening in the moonlight.

tripping over the colors as the sky drops the sun

Sunset before new years eve 2011

dots of rainbows
speckle the iridescent carp
eying the watermelon
renaissance symphony
of gold and
light tab-
into water-
color motets
awaiting insignificant
lolling mouths
in strophic sequence
from descant to sullen
sonic waves
wafting to
and fro
across the pining

*** For dVerse poetics, a rather psychedelic description of an Ozarks sunset – Groovy!

the dog and I – an evening walk


twilight lingers in the treetops
the dog and I try not to stare
as the bats give web wing into the beckoning air
such grace and sturdy stretch of flesh and bone
un-feathered bird and night masked soul
they blindly dance into the paths of stars

the dog and I walk the violet deepening path
lanterns of fireflies inflame the slim crescent moon
casting reflections of the once and future dawn
she is the mirror of the suns musings
choicest tomes are recited in her presence
while bashful boys make cow eyes at her pale face
and swear oaths to her silvered beauty

the dog and I loiter in the glimmering dusk
listening to the poetry of wing and moon
waxing and waning
as we slowly make our way home
in the darkling summer night

Notes on a June Twilight

Rainbow cloud at dusk June 1 13
golden evening glow-
stretches from the western ridge-
illuminating the edges of twilight
early evening sun-
parts the shadows of the old oaks –
stretching to meet the waters edge
deep evergreen day –
gives way to plummy dusk-
sweet, luscious summer night
clouds smudge the twilight-
layers of violet, gray and ash-
staining the night sky

The Quiet of the Crescent Moon

The Quiet of the Crescent Moon
Colors recede into the waters fall
Casting the depths into shadow
Singed fingers of sunlight
Echo across the last faint reflections
Settling into the corners of the day
Twilight fills in and pushes past the horizon
Until at last, the gleam of silvered corona
Is seen in the western sky
Floating in deepest celestial blue
The quiet of the slender crescent
As she holds the old moon in her arms