First dawn of 2014

day filled with resolutions
feasts before fast
day of contemplated change
and contempletive rest
facing arbitrary janus
changing the past and molding the future
I make plans
and sweep the rooms clean
moving the ladybug
from the curtains
I open the window
for her to fly
away home
New Years Day 2014

Morning Magic

summer morning
humid haze
dawn veiled in mist
blushing sky
morning breaks over the ridge
catching the mist and the swallows
hovering over the water
morning mist hangs from the trees
draping itself from each bough
a coverlet of dew
dew drenched
seed heads sparkle
rainbows in the meadow
dew spangled webs
glistening in the sun
soon invisible
morning magic

Sweet April Morning

Early Spring Morning

rosy cheeked dawn-
smiles across the cove-
making the water blush
sweet dawn tip toes down the ridge-
leaving the newly leafed trees golden in her wake-
April morning
she sings songs of tulips and apricots –
lilting melodies of birdnests and starshine-
harmonies of blue skies and soft April

Lavender Skies

Feb morning - lavender skies
cold winter wind pushes its way back into the cove-
but the sound of spring is heard from the treetops –
morning reflected in still cove-
chevrons of ripples appear –
flock of small ducks on the water
warm morning light –
spills across lavender sheets-
dawns caress

Small Stones 34/2013

Feb morning
reflections of the bright dawn-
sparkle in the waters surface-
rippled by the morning breeze
golden light pools in the morning cove-
bright eddies of dawn-
swirl with the schooling of small fish
cold winter wind pushes its way back into the cove-
but the sound of spring is heard from the treetops –

A Subset of Morning 4

A Subset of Morning 4

Clouds huddle low on the ridge
Dark mist clings to the treetops
Tarnished silver morning

Yellow dawn pours across the cove
Spilling rich sunlight onto the water
Golden coin morning

Cold rain lashes the bare trees
Rivulets run across the gray bark
Deep pewter morning

Deep orange sun forms on the hot horizon
Casting the molten clouds
Bronzed statue morning

Pale blue sky filled with bright clear sun
And slender crescent moon
Sterling silver morning

Deep blue sky slams against the dark ridge
Sledged with hard thunder and strong lightning
Cold steel morning