shuffling the deck

Golden moonlight  Jan 2014

sleep walks thru the quiet house
shuffling the days moments
into nights dreams

dealing the cards of knaves
and queens, hearts and diamonds,
cups and swords

magicians appear from the shadows
as the hangman watches from the doorway
waiting for his entrance with death

as the lovers play gin rummy
for silver dollars
shining bright as the full moon



when asleep
I try to stay there
and remain in my dreams
covering ranges of mountains
and creating buildings of such beauty
I long to not wake
but remain in the world of
Freudian unconscious
or is it Jungian
well, never
the well is deep
or maybe I just dreamt that it was
surface stilled
until a pebble drops
sending waves across
ridges of gray
sparking the architect of my dreams
engineering and exploring
the craggy paths
across the amygdala
or is it just
walking in my sleep