Feb morning sky

I cultivate clouds
raking them just so
into rows of wings
and birdsong

I cultivate clouds
raking them just so
into rows of birds
and wing song (revised)

I cultivate clouds
raking them just so
into rows of wings
and wind song (revised)

I cultivate wings
raking them just so
into rows of clouds
and wind song (revised)

I cultivate winds
raking them just so
into rows of birds
and cloud song (revised)

Subset of Morning 3

Feb morning sky


Monet morning
waterlily clouds float above lavender horizon
impressionistic plein-air dawn

VanGogh morning
sun fills the sky with broad strokes of deep orange and brilliant gold
sunflower dawn

Pollock morning
gray and black clouds splatter and pour across the horizon
abstract expressionistic dawn

Picasso morning
azure sky sapphire clouds indigo cove
period of blue dawn

Rembrandt morning
dramatic sky streamed with beams of smokey light and moody cloud shadows
chiaroscuro dawn

Adams morning
sharp contrast light sky against black and white rocky ridges
photo perfect dawn

Subset of Morning 2


Beethoven morning-
complex symphonic dawn
a joyful breeze skipping over a pastoral landscape

Mozart morning –
happy little minuet dawn
with a touch of melancholy clouds

Bach morning –
humid fugue heavy dawn
sky of rolling clouds in minor keys

Vivaldi morning –
melodically bright dawn
concerto sky exuberant with color

Tchaikovsky morning –
dark overture dawn
filled with cannonous thunder and muffled drums of rain

Chopin morning –
blue rondo dawn
cartwheeling clouds dancing across the sky

crazy quilt

The Quiet of the Crescent Moon
pieced together in cobalt and lilac
squares of crazy quilted sky fill in scraps of the day
stitched with sharp needles of stars and comet tails
held in place by old oaks outstretched arms
reaching up until the twilight is pinned
hemmed and skirted by dusk and sweet dreams
receding day spills across the western ridge
to get swept into the corners of night

Its the Sky

July sunset 2

It’s the sky, really, that I crave –
The just dawning morning sun
Luscious watercolors, palest pink and lavender
Palette of the early hours

But maybe the breeze is my desire-
The cool blue cedar scented wind
Filling the sapphire sky with movement
And falling leaves, gold and red

Or perhaps it’s the trees
Sturdy oak and cedar, sassafras
And elm, red maple and hickory
Bark skinned and wreathed in wonder

No, now I’m sure it’s the birds
With their chorus of sweet song
From first pale light to deepening dusk
Rising up into the ebullient sky

No, it must be that sky
With twilight glimmering of silvered stars
And golden moonrise glowing.
That is really what I crave today.