In Memorium – Our Beloved Schnauzer, LuLu

She was a hobo when we first met. Being out on her own for some length of time, she was wary and felt she could fend for herself. On first sight, she appeared more spider monkey than dog. So thin, it made her legs look long, her bright eyes in a bushy face, and sparce pig hair on the rest of her body. But Bob fell in love with her and she came home with us. After getting her fattened up and a good grooming, it was apparent that she was a schnauzer. Then she told us her name –  LuLu.

We were fortunate to have had this wonderful creature in our home and hearts for over 12 years. She was lively and spunky with an intelligence that made her an extraordinary dog to be around. She would shake her head and talk – not bark – and fuss at Bob every day when he came home, as if to say, ‘Where have you been – I have been waiting – now come love on me and then give me a frozen blueberry!”
Yes, frozen blueberries were her treats and she would chase after the little frozen marbles of goodness as they skittered across the kitchen floor.
Now, we are bereft and alone for the first time since our second year of marriage. We will mourn and miss this precious little soul. And, yes, we will have another dog. But, truly, LuLu was one of a kind!
I know with all my heart, that she will be at the door of heaven when Bob arrives, shaking her head and fussing at him – ” I have been waiting -I love you – now wheres my blueberry!”