a scarecrows tale

Away, ye fiends of fleathered shade!
The scarecrow snorted and sneezed.
All hail the man, all strawed and hayed,
Who dreams of heroical deeds!

Away, ye darts and drap of drear!
Away, ye fists and windscum!
Away, ye handless menaced fear!
Away, ye cornhearted ravendrum!

The corn is cobbled and kebbled too-
Shucks, dry and exhortated.
Best yet for crows who fuss and flew
Up the chimney transportated.

The bawkish caws from cornfilled gums
Where bracken blith and bumbled,
Gave nought but minus instead of sums
And left squired scarecrow rookly humbled.

*** a bit of nonsense for Tony’s MTB prompt for dVerse.