will not the waters

will not the waters come
and then recede
all manner of grace restored

Christmas Flood 2015

Christmas Flood 2015 2

Christmas Flood 2015 3

We have had record flooding in our area of the Ozarks. I think 10 inches of rain fell in just two days. It was really unbelievable to see so much water rushing past the house.

We are thankfully on high ground, though we do have water in the basement. But that is so minor considering what others in the area experienced. Houses were lifted off foundations, homes floated away or were torn apart by the waters.

The pictures are taken from our bedroom window. The lake has come up into the meadow and onto the road we walk Theo each day. The boat docks are tied to the trees to keep them floating away.

We keep those affected by all these Christmas storms in our prayers.