A Jubilee Old Time Gospel Meeting

The lesson was on the rapture
and something I have been considering for a while.
It might be the only way to get out of this mess
Just leaving it all behind, rising in the air.

He preached on Paul and the Thessalonians-
A saint I have had words with all my life.
His zeal, a little zealous but he could spin a tale
of end times and deadlines and rising in the air.

The air was warm and thick, too warm
for an early April evening,
and one could be hearing trumpets, if you listened real good
and the Dixie Melody Boys started singing
and they all began to rise
and those flowered dresses and plaid shirts
all got left behind
rising in the air.

where, oh where, can they be

They are gone.
Just disappeared.
Not a hint of leaving or going or anything.
Just vanished like an alien abduction
Or the rapture
Or falling down a deep, dark well.

Seems like there should be footprints
Or a note in a bottle
Or a message from somebody
Saying they were going away
To Brussels
Or San Diego
Or their mothers.

But no, nothing,
Just gone.

And I didn’t know I would miss them.

But I do.