Burning October Leaves

One of my favorite fall chores is raking and then burning the leaves. And, yes, we still use yard rakes – not those loud whiney noisey leaf blowers. Bob says we use the acoustic tools not electric! That wonderful scritching sound of the metal tines against the ground and that dry rustling of the leaves is the sound of autumn to me. One of my fondest memories is of all us little grandkids helping my Granddad Allen in Crossett, Arkansas, rake and clean his yard before Thanksgiving dinner. All the leaves would be swept and piled onto his garden. Then – a thrill for every little kid – a big bonfire of crackling leaves and the smell of burning pine needles.
Today, I raked the drives and had three big leaf piles waiting on Bob when he got home from work. So after dinner, we burned the leaves.

bright orange and scarlet flames
final colors of october leaves
autumn bonfire