The End of May

May morning

The months spilled, rushing down to summer
with the rain,
last falling in the dark morning,
now the clear blue of a perfect afternoon sky

How can it be that things end without thought,
just tossed as carelessly
as petals in the warm breeze?

Will you remember this May?
The May of thunder and consequences
when all that could have been
was carelessly left to wash away
in the cold night rain.

The sun is shining now
and June is already here,
just waiting in the edge of the wood,
tiptoeing across the runoff
of the hard May rains.

lullabies of rain

Mists envelope the dark roads
across the Ozarks ridge tonight,
where the moisture hangs heavy in the treetops.

We open the windows to the thick rain drenched air-
our cotton sheets feel damp
and cool,
the scent of mists and clouds fill the room.

Sounds carry across the water on nights like this,
snatches of laughter and song,
distant galaxies beyond the cove.

We listen-
lulled into slumber by the sounds of night
and the lullabies of rain
and small trilling frogs.

A Theorem to Consider

Early Spring morning storm clouds

The geometry of space expands with the rain-
seems counter-intuitive
but true, none the less.
This is the theorem to consider:
heavy pewter clouds curve across the sky’s canvas,
reflecting into the hammered silver of the lake’s topology;
a planed landscape
sparkles with crystal spherical raindrops;
the equation of the breeze, soft as birds wings,
scented with cedar and sweet peas;
a wren singing her fractal song
of seasons green and watery,
extending a line to the horizon;
angled proof of lightning
in the symmetry of thunderstorms.

How many kinds of rain

How many kinds of rain

The warm spring rain
Soft against the window panes
The cold winter rain
Splotched with ice
Almost snow
The summer rain storm
Fierce and full of thunder
Leaving the dry summer leaves
Quivering in the wind
The warm winter rain
Breaking the chill of January
Bringing the mid winters thaw
The fall rain, gray and foggy
Mists rising through the falling leaves
And the rain
On the morning we met
And the rain
On the night
You left