Thoughts on Spring

dawn fills the cove with spring shades
pale pink, butter yellow, willow green soft breeze stirs the watercolors




tulips nod in agreement
bright colors are all the rage
dressed for spring




she splashes in mud puddles
lifting her face to the sky
a smile of 1000 flowers
Spring has arrived

Eastertide on the Ridge

Eastertide on the Ridge

The passion of spring awakes
with the blooming of the serviceberry,
first blooms for the early spring graves.
The rocky paths are soon strewn,
not with palm fronds,
but the blown blossoms of redbuds,
a confetti of papery pinks and faded roses.
Earth’s resurrection promise
is finally in full view
as the dogwoods bring forth their flowers,
decorating the hillsides
in Christ’s wounds.

Kathleen G. Everett © 2012

The Cove in January

It is a bright January afternoon and the water reflects the blue of the sky. I hope that the picture shows you how really gorgeous it is today.

We went down to the waters edge. It is very windy and a little cool – but once we were out of the wind, it was very pleasant, even on the water.

We saw a heron fishing and a few fish in the shallows, so I am certain he will find a good dinner this evening!

This second picture shows a cyclone of midges. If you look closely, you will see little bits of something in the air. The sunlight is reflecting off the tiny wings of the midges.

We are already talking about the summer and having the boat out on the lake. So on this beautiful day in the course of our seasons, we are looking forward to coming seasons too.

Sunset at Table Rock Lake

What a beautiful way to end this most gorgeous day the end of December! It was 60 degrees and sunny – windy from the west – but that kept the water decorated with white caps.

I love the criss cross in the sky this evening – a giant tic tac toe in the evening sky.

We have enjoyed watching the crescent moon wax toward fullness and the sparkling planet Venus, twinkling under the moon.

I love these Ozarks evenings.This part of the country is my chosen home – a landscape that drew me to it and will not let me go.

I hope that you have a place that you love and that you find beautiful and peaceful. And if not, I hope that 2012 brings that to you.