The Seed of Winter Snows

Persimmons are having a bountiful year. All the trees around my walking trail are full  and heavy with these beautiful smooth skinned fruit. Maybe the heat and drought brought the best out in them or maybe the heat caused the webworms that are a summer foe, to have a bad summer. Whatever the reason, the trees are loaded with fruit.
One of my dearest friends was here this weekend and we brought some of the persimmons home from our afternoon walk- it was not ripe enough to eat (try at your own peril, the unripe fruit will cause a mighty pucker!) But Bob cracked open one of the seeds so we could forecast our winter weather.
As many know, the winter weather is forecast in the persimmon seed. A spoon is for lots of heavy, wet snow, a fork will bring a mild winter and a knife forecasts a winter that is  bitter cold and icy.

As you can see, the seed shows a spoon (the half of the seed on the right). So we are looking forward to shoveling lots of snow this winter.

on a warm October afternoon
I hold in my hand
the heavy snows of winter