summer night in the Ozarks

sweet water from the well
casts the evenings magic spell
as the fiddlers resin up their bows

mandolins court and spark
in the early summers dark
lighting fireflies to twinkle and glow

its not every night but now
we will sing and tell stories how
we lived and dreamed and truly loved

its not every night but when
we will gather up to dance again
and the music rises
to the summer moon above

so grab your partner
and coo and dove
hug your friends and swing your love
cause all we have is the music
and the stars

its not every night but now
we are here and this is how
we celebrate the music
of our lives

sam and aly c
bo and the rebel hounds
Black Horse jul 14
bob on his bday

A Magical Evening in July

Cirque du Buttermilk

Cirque du Buttermilk

It was a really, really good party!
The weather was perfect and that can always be iffy in the middle of July – last year it was close to 100 degrees. But not this weekend – low 80’s and cool breeze from the northeast, right off the water. The evening began in the late afternoon as the band, the Stellar Weirdos, started setting up using the porch for the stage. All the tables and furniture had been arranged across the yard, giving everyone room to sit and visit. The lights were draped from the house into the cedar trees with a garland of balloons floating across the yard.
As guests arrived, they were greeted by the aroma of fresh popped popcorn (we rented the cutest little old fashioned popcorn machine you have ever seen), a beer from one of two kegs (not your everyday party kinda beer, but Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat and Blue Moon with lemon and oranges slices!) Everyone began visiting as our official hosts and hostesses (Rebekah & Corey, Andrea & Eddie, Sarah & Kevin, Kathleen Rose) mingled getting everyone a drink and a scoop of hot popcorn.
Bob and I greeted everyone and I read two poems for the occasion. With that, the party had begun.
Our handsome grill masters (Corey, Kevin, Eddie and Dan) cooked hotdogs and brats (brought by our sweet friends, Nicole and John Chervenyak – thanks guys!) We had chips and salsa and onion dip (mmmm, thanks Andrea!) plus a surprise 7 layer dip (brought by our neighbor, Linda Gipson -yum, thanks!) Chilled watermelon wedges rounded out dinner and everyone tucked in as the band began the night’s entertainment.
The Stellar Weirdos are such talented musicians, it was a thrill to have them come for the party. The Weirdos are Sam Clanton, mandolin, guitar and vocals, Matthew Still, guitar and vocals, Todd Plympton, bass and vocals, Andy Keuma, guitar, and James McCall, drums. They were awesome and I think they had as much fun as everyone else. Not only did they play, but brought a laser lightshow with them, sending dancing lights against the neighbors house, and tiny fairy lights into the the surrounding trees – just magical.
Birthday cake was served. And not just any old store bought cake as they say, but our dear friend Verla made Bob three, yes, that is 3, chocolate fudge cakes with chocolate and pecan icing – heaven!To say it was the best cake ever is not overstating the truth. Thanks Verla!
At about 10:00, our attention was turned to the lakeside when our nephew, Eddie and his helpers, Kevin and Aaron, began a truly outstanding fireworks display. He had planned this for sometime and it was spectacular! Everyone oooed and ahhhed as the night sky was filled with sparkling colors. A complete and welcomed surprise for Bob and me. Just so cool!.
And speaking of fantastic, Bob’s buddy, Aaron Dalton brought out his fire batons and began a choreographed fire dance routine! What, you mean you don’t have fire dancers at your party!!!!
I was just floored and said – well, I knew it was a great party, but this just put it over the top!
The night continued as the band played on and people settled in with one more cup of beer and just a little more popcorn.
It was a wonderful night of celebration and love. A party that people are still talking about and one we will never forget.
And I can never have another – because how could I ever top this!!!

Everything had been planned ahead of time. And even though I had my ‘unfortunate incident’ as the girls were calling it, on Friday, these beautiful and capable and smart and loving nieces and nephews took over and did EVERYTHING. We can not thank our beloved children enough for all their help and for their love. Rebekah and Corey Vinnedge, Eddie and Andrea Worley, Sarah and Kevin Mattler, and Kathleen Rose Gresham – you are our hearts and we love you guys very much!