2 am

Golden moonlight  Jan 2014

Waking to the sound,
I know we are being robbed again.

Grabbing the flashlight, I race down the stairs
and onto the porch.
Shining the light into the night,
3 pairs of backlit red eyes
stare at me from the birdfeeder.

Damn raccoons!

2am masked marauders
stuffing their smiling mouths with all my sunflower seed.
They chitter and hiss as I clap my hands,
shooing them back into the waiting woods.

I switch off the light-
the dark enfolds me.

Its warm.

A still night with the cool air rising from the lake.

I can smell the water
and hear the stars sighing.

Closing the door,
I walk up the stairs
to the waiting warmth of a snoring husband
and the small dog nestled between us.

shuffling the deck

Golden moonlight  Jan 2014

sleep walks thru the quiet house
shuffling the days moments
into nights dreams

dealing the cards of knaves
and queens, hearts and diamonds,
cups and swords

magicians appear from the shadows
as the hangman watches from the doorway
waiting for his entrance with death

as the lovers play gin rummy
for silver dollars
shining bright as the full moon

Clear Night in the Ozarks

Clear Night in the Ozarks
The eerie sound wakes me
Distant baying through the dark woods
On a moonlit night
Hounds chasing fox into burrows or
Raccoons up trees
Faint smell of hickory smoke
Drifts from the small camp
Where the men stand
warming themselves
With the jar
And fire
Telling lies and listening
For the changing voice
Of the hounds

I settle back into the pillows
snug under the winter quilts
to dream of the chase and the fire and the moon
on a clear night in the Ozark hills.