crazy quilt

The Quiet of the Crescent Moon

Pieced together in cobalt and lilac,
squares of crazy quilted sky fill in scraps of the day,
stitched with sharp needles of stars and comet tails,
held in place by old oaks outstretched arms,
reaching up until the twilight is pinned,
hemmed and skirted by dusk and sweet dreams.
Receding day spills across the western ridge
to get swept into the corners of night.


viewing the night’s sky while walking a small dog

Crescent Moon and Venus 8-2012

the little dog and I watch
the waxing crescent descend
by the light of the evening star
in its beauty
coming to light
the descension of the pale crescent moon
sudden emanation of radiance
Venus in the western sky

Field Guide to the Night Sky

Field Guide to the Night Sky

Into the night
Seemingly empty space
Diminishing crescents
Move relative to one another
Arms that are increasingly spread
Intimately involved with the bodies
Physically connected
Mutual gravitational forces
To explore them in more detail
Stars, a handful of stars
Generations of stars
Edge of brightness
How bright it appears to us.

-These are phrases taken from the National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Night Sky  pub 1991 to create a cento, a poem of passages taken from another source and rearranged into a new work for the DVerse prompt.