Early Spring Morning

The fog ascends
with the sound of starlings in flight,
a murmurration of wings and cloud.

Rising from the warming cove,
morning mist seeps into the budding trees,
wrapping itself through sap laden limbs
and pollen sugared boughs.

The ecstasy of birdsong on a cold spring day-
I rise on beating wings
and the sound of a thousand voices.

Christmas Eve 2014

Dear friends, I wish you blessings of the season and a peaceful and joy-filled 2015. K

Christmas Eve

A whirling galaxy of starlings
at sunset on Christmas Eve.

Star – lings (a bright and shining name for such a dark and dusky bird)

A murmurration of stars
sweeping the darkening night,
making a moving path
for the Milky Way.

— Christmas Eve 2014- This is a poem posted last year with the youtube video of a murmuration of starlings set to music.

Check this video out — amazing starlings murmuration (full HD) via @youtube