Easy in the Going

She waits
for the word to come down
her train is leaving soon –
ticket purchased
and held tightly
in her beautiful hands.

(parchment pale hands,
thin and strong,
that once held such powerful music.
And in all the keys,
she played our lives
so that we were formed
by the sound of her heart)

She waits for the bells to toll
and for the band to start –
she is easy in the going
and longing
for the gentle rocking of the rails.

… My mother caught her train yesterday morning and arrived in heaven as the angel band played a loving welcome. She was easy in the going and for that we are eternally grateful.

Keep in touch


I will be away for a while, dear readers. My mom broke her leg and is home but we are dealing with hospice care now. It will take me a few weeks to get things sorted out, with schedules and help to make her comfortable.

So I will check in sporadically and appreciate your prayers and good thoughts.

Remember to be kind, say please and thank you and always hold hands when crossing the road.